Engineering Presentation Graphics

Present your great designs with great graphics!

Let idesign2 turn your 3D CAD data into powerful presentation graphics, renderings, and animations! Or, we can create 3D computer models of your designs for illustrations, renderings and animations. Offering presentation graphics, technical illustrations, and animation consulting services to the engineering community. All files are customized for your presentation software, slide show, color printer, or web site.

All images on this page are computer renderings NOT Photographs!

ValveSection.jpg (37878 bytes)

ValveAssembly.gif (10477 bytes)

Commercial hot melt glue gun valve assembly

Sheetmetal illustration.jpg (47043 bytes)

Technical Illustration- Sheetmetal housing

Magwheel.jpg (21499 bytes)

4X1Section.gif (172541 bytes)

Mag Wheel Concept

Section View of Carbon Fiber Centrifuge

Handheld.jpg (19411 bytes)

CPRen1.gif (40756 bytes)

Autoline2.jpg (21232 bytes)

Digital Compass Renderings (As seen in several mail order catalogs and Popular Mechanics magazine (3/99 page101)

All images are computer renderings-NOT photographs!